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Community events. Media production. Broadcast services. Tournament organization. Team building.

Elo Hell Esports dominates the casual, amateur, and semi-pro Overwatch scenes by bringing together passionate fans, volunteers, and professionals into something truly special. Founded by the community giant Jayne Harvard, our organization specializes in executing great visions through a network of proven resources and powerful in-house technologies. There's nothing we can't do, and here are the people who make that happen.

For business inquires, please contact business@elohell.gg

Meet our directors!

Brian Goodrow (Kray) profile picture

Brian Goodrow


Business Development Director

Kray comes to us with years of experience in big business, from leading technology and market development in medical technology for Stryker Corp to full stack experience in events and production with PSAV.

When he’s able to take a step away from keeping Elo Hell running smoothly, this self-described “crunchy wilderness nerd” loves spending time in nature and going on adventures with his wife and dogs.


Jayne Harvard (Jayne) profile picture

Jayne Harvard


Creative Director

Jayne’s unwavering conviction in community and passion has been the driving force behind Elo Hell’s continued success.

Known for his informative Overwatch tips and infectious laughter as a YouTube content creator and Twitch streamer, Jayne has grown beyond the internet platforms to coach with the Dallas Fuel and Team Canada.

He continues to bring his unparalleled eye for quality content and Overwatch strategy as Elo Hell’s Creative Director.


Lindsay Crone (Lyn) profile picture

Lindsay Crone


Managing Director

Lyn kicked off her career in communications with Canada Soccer, then rolled over to Wheelchair Basketball Canada, netting invaluable experience within the sports industry. Stepping into a leadership position with Elo Hell she balances a wide variety of responsibilities to keep the community running smoothly.

When this highly competitive Canadian jumps into Overwatch she can be seen supporting her team by getting gold kills (and gold healing) with Moira.


Alex Lessard (Mierst) profile picture

Alex Lessard


Technology Director

With a background in software engineering 12 years in the making, Mierst is our go-to guy for incredible solutions to any tech problem. From websites to Discord ‘bots’ he loves to create tools that work seamlessly for the community.

While one of his most notable achievements includes the birth of his daughter, this new dad is also passionate about music and Overwatch, both of which he hopes to share with her soon!


Ben Tepper (Ben) profile picture

Ben Tepper


Content Director

Ben is in his element when he’s crafting stories with videos or graphics. From his experience working with YouTubers he's able to create relatable and engaging content. This Aussie hasn't come across footage he couldn't turn into a masterpiece for any platform.

He truly shines when his creativity is set to ‘no-limits’, having been described by Overwatch League’s MonteCristo as a “consummate meme-artist”, Ben loves to make people laugh through visual storytelling.


Bruno Saad (Saad) profile picture

Bruno Saad


Art Director

After beginning his work with Elo Hell, Saad quickly gained a reputation for being able to create incredibly stunning visuals. However, this Brazilian's talents don't end with graphics; from programming websites to animating logos, the wide range of talents seems to come naturally to Saad.

When he’s not busy bringing Jayne's visions to life, Saad can be found one-tricking Mercy in Overwatch ranked, with the occasional flex to Ana, Baptiste and Moira.