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Full rules PDF

GitGud Quick Rule Overview

Format and Schedule

  • Round Robin, two matches per week
  • Depending on bracket size, 4-5 weeks (7-10 rounds) of group stage
  • Round 1: Friday 24th May
    Round 2: Saturday 25th May
    Round 3: Friday 31st May
    Round 4: Saturday 1st June
    Round 5: Friday 7th June
    Round 6: Saturday 8th June
    Round 7: Friday 14th June
    Round 8: Saturday 15th June
    Round 9: Friday 21st June
    Round 10: Saturday 22nd June

    Match times Friday: EU: 19:00 BST / 20:00 CEST / NA: 20:00 EDT
    Match times Saturday: EU: 13:00 BST / 14:00 CEST / NA: 14:00 EDT

  • Two weeks of playoffs. Exact dates and times TBD

Map Order and Pool

Control / Escort / Assault / Hybrid / Control.

  • Control: Lijiang Tower / Nepal / Oasis
  • Escort: Junkertown / Dorado
  • Assault: Paris / Hanamura
  • Hybrid: Numbani / Eichenwalde
  • Control (5th map): one of the remaining two maps

Lobby settings

  • Preset: Competitive
  • Modes, All: Kill Cam Disabled
  • Modes, All: Skins Disabled
  • Pause on Disconnect: off
  • Lobby: Max Spectators 0 (unless managers have agreed to allow spectators)


  • The match must start within 15 minutes of the scheduled time
  • Higher seed team creates lobby (the team on top of the match)
  • Higher seed team selects first map
  • Lower seed team selects side (if applicable)
  • Losing team selects next map, winner picks side
  • Tie: Team with the least amount of points picks next map, the other team will pick side (if score is equal: the team who did not pick the previous map will pick the next map, other team will pick side)
  • Subbing in a player is only allowed between maps


  • 5 minutes pause per map, per team
  • No pause allowed during a team fight - wait until the fight ended
  • Max. waiting time between maps 5 minutes
  • If either team is not ready after those 5 minutes, they must either forfeit the match or play with an incomplete roster.
  • When requesting a referee, longer pauses are allowed

Ringers (one time sub)

  • Max. two ringers per match
  • Placed in S16
  • Peak SR cannot be higher than division limit (current season)
    • Beginner (2000-2499)
    • Rookie (2500-2999)
    • Intermediate (3000-3499)
    • Advanced (3500-3999)
    • Expert (4000-4250)
  • Have to be announced before the match in manager channel on Discord

Roster additions (7th and 8th player)

  • Placed in S16
  • Peak SR cannot be higher than division limit (same rule as for Ringers, but current and two most recent seasons are taken into account)
  • Need to be submitted via “roster and name change” form (NA, EU)

Replacing Roster Players

  • Placed in S16
  • New player can only be 250 SR (peak) higher than the player they replace (current season)
  • Individual player limit SR (peak) for their division cannot be exceeded (current and two most recent seasons are taken into account)
    • Beginner: no individuals above 2750 SR
    • Rookie: no individuals above 3250 SR
    • Intermediate: no individuals above 3750 SR
    • Advanced: no individuals above 4050 SR
    • Expert: no individuals above 4250 SR
  • Need to be submitted via “roster and name change” form (NA, EU)


  • Players are allowed to climb up to one division
    • Beginner can climb to 2999
    • Rookie can climb to 3499
    • Intermediate can climb to 3999
    • Advanced can climb to 4250
    • Expert has no limit
  • Players that exceed these limits are not allowed to play for their team anymore (due to two division difference) and will attempt to be placed on a team in a higher division.
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